Don’t Forget to Water!

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Though we’ve had a wonderful amount of rainfall since winter, it’s been dry these last couple of weeks—a reality check and reminder that our weather can be dry, as well.  And it doesn’t take long for things to dry out—as you can see if you notice the browning lawns as you drive around.  The dryness can last throughout the fall, so don’t forget to monitor your garden’s moisture needs.  Plants can dry out and die quickly, so get to know your garden and its “hot spots”—places that dry more quickly than others.  This is true even if you have an irrigation system.  Put your fingers under the mulch, into the soil, and check for moisture.  Don’t depend on a quick thunderstorm to water for you—deep soak your garden two to three times a week, as needed.  Let the lawn go dormant or provide one inch of water per week to keep it green.  If hand–watering your plants, take the nozzle off the hose, and aim that nice, steady stream of water directly at the center of the plant where it meets the soil.  Let the water soak in deeply.  When using sprinklers, rain gauges are a big help—or (better) check the soil with your fingers. And remember, like winter-damaged plants, those left unwatered are not guaranteed...another incentive to get out the hose!!

Do your best to keep up with it.  A two to three inch (no more, and not against the trunks or stems, please) layer of mulch helps deter weed growth (after you’ve pulled the weeds by the roots, of course).  Preen weed preventer seems to help, too, though it is not a cure-all.

Diseases and insects
Monitor carefully and treat appropriately.

Spring-blooming shrubs should not be pruned any more until after they bloom next spring.  If you cut them now, you will likely cut off next spring’s blooms.  You can continue to prune hedges, trees and non-blooming evergreens, as needed.

Annuals, perennials, vegetables
“Dead-head” (cut off the old blooms) from your perennials and some annuals to help extend blooming.  This goes for roses, too.  You can still plant annuals, perennials, vegetables through the summer.  Be sure to deeply water.

Questions on anything?  Let me know.

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